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May 17,2019Einsteinium (EMC2)"Many have asked us what the EMC2 plans are beside the FORK. Let's publish comprehensive roadmap on Friday May 17th."Twitter
May 17,2019Spectrecoin (XSPEC)XSPEC releases v3 with a hard fork.Twitter
May 18,2019General Event (CRYPTO) , NEM (XEM)Cripto Latin Fest in Bogota, Columbia from May 18-19.Twitter
May 20,2019General Event (CRYPTO), Expanse (EXP)Collision is the fastest growing tech conference in America. Now in its fifth year, Collision has grown to over 25,000 attendees.
May 21,2019Aeron (ARN)"Blockchain and Business Aviation" panel session features Aeron at EBACE in Geneva from May 21-23rdTwitter
May 22,2019SnapCoin (SNPC)"We will soon commence our program of burning unsold SNPC tokens (...) second stage being scheduled for 22nd May 2019"
May 23,2019General Event (CRYPTO) , Hydro (HYDRO), PrimeStone (PSC)"Over 100 startups will be selected to showcase their products and initiatives throughout the event," from May 23-24.Twitter
May 28,2019Aeternity (AE)The next scheduled upgrade of the æternity protocol (Fortuna / 3.x.x) should happen on May 28, 2019.
May 28,2019QLC Chain (QLC)Q-GAS AirdropTwitter
May 28,2019BitTorrent (BTT), TRON (TRX)Tron releases its second layer solution (Sun-Network), which increases scalability of the network through side-chains.Twitter
May 31,2019Aion (AION)"We have a mainnet release expected for May with the AVM and everything is looking good with that."Twitter
May 31,2019Stellar (XLM)"We will have 6 Minor Releases in 2019; one each in February, March, May, June, August, and October."Twitter
May 31,2019AdEx (ADX)Quick accounts, which allow users to open accounts on the dApp without a crypto wallet, release in May.Twitter
May 31,2019Waves (WAVES)Second investment round for the Vostok project closes. Up to $120 million will be raised at an estimated capitalization of $1.2 billion.Twitter
May 31,2019Musicoin (MUSIC)The "Proof-of-Sharism" consensus mechanism will be released in May.
May 31,2019U Network (UUU)U Community Beta version release, supports co-investing functionality.
May 31,2019Hubii Network (HBT)Monthly airdrop of NII to HBT/ETH holders registered on Hubii core.Twitter
May 31,2019Sumokoin (SUMO)A Web based wallet will be developed in Q2 2019.
May 31,2019SnapCoin (SNPC)The Stack Bonus payments will be made on a random date within every month. Just need to HODL.
May 31,2019Sumokoin (SUMO)"New GUI Miner compatible with the new PoW algorithm we will use," during April or May.
May 31,2019Auctus (AUC)"Next month, we are launching our portfolio-trading tool with detailed analytics: real-time values, profit/loss, daily profit/loss, Sharpe Ratio, Bitcoin correlation, Bitcoin Beta, VaR, Volatility..."