Will NEO Coin skyrocket?

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It’s there on the news that a cryptocurrency by the name of NEO is becoming the fastest emerging digital currency and has been in the light as one of the giant exchange from South Korea is going to list NEO. Neo was initially known as Antshares, had the aim to be the Ethereum of China. Hence by seeing the trends History of Bithumb, possibilities seem to be pretty high that the NEO Coin will Skyrocket very soon.


Becoming the Ethereum of China is an absolute challenging ambition, thus there are few major and important changes that had been applied to Neo which already started reflecting on the NEO market cap. With a good momentum seen at the moment and with the trend seen, it seems to be quite advantageous.


There are several points on which we could be relied on to be found on the web and must be the reason which might have affected the value of NEO.


NEO Coin skyrocket


Only NEO and BCH trading   are allowed in China and NEO developers’ are about to get tech license, as China is keen to do so. As the Koreans are not so enlightened in the English language which makes NEO a better option for them than Ethereum.


And as of now, most cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea list around half a dozen currencies. With Bithumb being the largest Korean exchange on this platform exchanges only eight of these. Even if it’s being said to be a rumor, it’s a great sign and news for large numbers of NEO users.


Therefore, investing in NEO must have pleased those Altcoin Traders who were looking for that major investment. Considering the value was mere $2 a few months ago and now has now reached $120 by today. There is no such exact reason for this growth as this does not happen that often.



Never to assume that they did not do anything for it. At the rear end, NEO’s team has kept working in order to fuel its own rocket. The Chinese Industries by looking into this Blockchain Project and has started realizing the profit that would be made out of it hence shown a huge interest towards it. Even if we look at the past, Ethereum has never had an issue getting a boom in the country. Ethereum is the example of alteration and makes changes on demand in order to improve at any point in time.


Whether NEO has the ability to influence the market or not is yet to be determined. There is rumor all around us being made about different aspects of it. However, it cannot be ignored about the fact that most of the buyers are excited and keen to purchase it because of its escalating rates. With an ample amount of hypothesis and buzz around about this increased interest and influx towards NEO resulting in its price hike. As a result of this, NEO is holding a position of No.10 in terms of Market Cap. This has brought in a remarkable competition in the market and is being seen to be a good idea.


By this time, if we look at the NEO table, the MACD is merely a day staying over the EMA trends being shown in the past 9 days. And as per the previous experiences of these sorts of markets, it will keep fluctuating around $120, being the maximum and might settle down at around $100 ultimately.


However, there is always a question of being whether the NEO rates will remain at this level or will go further up or may settle at a point far below is yet to be determined. With so much promising trends being shown in the altcoin sector, NEO and other digital currencies are the reasons for the market’s overall capitalization being over USD500 Billion. As a result of this NEO will give a great competition to BITCOIN in the near future which had a dominance index of around 48.5%. With the fact that NEO has observed lots of priority in terms of gaining the market rate by putting in lots of efforts in order to uplift and raise the rate via various advocacies.


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