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The ‘cryptocurrency‘ space has been expanding since the beginning that is 2009. During this time, many individuals have taken bitcoins at dirt cheap price and have become the whales of the market. The ‘cryptocurrency’ whale signifies an individual or group of the people which manipulates the market using their ‘crypto’ wealth. These whales are big players in the market of ‘cryptocurrency‘.


Whales are big holders of coins(Bitcoins/Altcoin), they have these in large quantities and have received them at cheap, due to large┬ávolume they cause to rise and fall of prices of coins giving them profit at the cost of other ‘small-time’ traders or investors.


Detection of the whale:

Small traders need to keep an eye on the whale and should know when a whale is buying or selling. a small trader should be able to judge the whale properly as it can lead to a huge loss. So, it is essential to observe and keep the track carefully. It should be done manually for better understanding.



Detection of the whale While buying:


For small traders, it is really beneficial to wait for the whale (big fish) to invest in.

  1. Check the order book: If the bid sizes are much larger than the average it indicates that the whale is looking for the ‘cryptocurrency’ exchange.
  2. Change in the price when the market is motionless: If a coin has been traded and is motionless and suddenly experiences a rise in the price then it clearly displays the presence of a whale or group.
  3. Look for stimulus in the buying volume and the selling volume: When the whale is present in the trading then usually the price of the buying side increase by 90 percent in a little period and witnesses a boost in short span.


Detection of the whale while selling:

It is difficult for the small traders to invest when the bear whale is present in the market. This is how we can detect when the whale is present in the market.



  1. Track instantaneous cancellations: While observing the market when a large bid vanishes quickly then there is a possibility that the whale is going to flee from the market. Also, there are large orders on the bid sizes which suddenly disappear.
  2. Check for sudden gush in the price: The presence of a whale in the market can be observed when a sudden flow is observed in the price of the coins in the market.
  3. The strong impetus in the volume: The abnormal extension of the quantity clearly signifies that whale is present in the market.


Whales use the tactics of the rinse and the repeat method which is much profitable for a whale. It is the holder which picks the smaller sellers and buyers. It holds a large volume and starts selling than the lower of the market rate. The whale catches and re-buys the coin when it reaches a lower rate which is new. It repeats the process of generating more wealth, more wealth and control over the coins and the market.


Another method by which the whale manipulates the price is by using the buying and the selling walls. If you see a large order but less investor at that price than it will hint toward a whale order.


They can usually stack up the buy or sell walls on the exchange. Whales are the most dominant creators of the ‘cryptocurrency’ exchange market and usually get most of the market to make profit for them.


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