XRP surges on xRapid development rumour

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Within 48 hours timespan Ripple(XRP) has surged by 180%+ breaking all levels in such a bearish market. while a solid reason or any announcement is not available for this gold rush, rumours are that xRapid – a new product related with it, is ready to be launched which will improve Banks’ speed to process transactions with ripple. while the confirmed news is yet to surface and might just be a rumour, but rumour already is out and seeing the bullish drive everyone is getting on with Ripple.


 While if development of xRapid is close to being completion than it certainly is a good news for XRP investors as with the launch of this product price is gonna drive more, but that certain information is due in future not today.


 This year has been bearish for crypto market and Ripple’s rally is something that is certainly heartwarming for crypto investors. Today is another good day with most of crypto trading in green. Stellar is running behind with a 24% rise in its price and other major cryptos are also cutting closer.


Two days before XRP was trading near $0.27 , and at this moment it has crossed $0.76 mark reaching almost close to 200% gain, and seeing the rush for it, its possible that we see it touching 200% mark even as at this scale there is no other barrier of psychological importance for ripple, seeing high-value transaction being carried out in this Cryptocurrency. For last two days volume wise trading is also high in ripple which looks like fundamentally driven.


Visit Ripple’s Chart page here. kisscrypto.com/ripple

 While Ripple’s price drive is going on, no one can be certain if it can go more or just fall now, as with 180%+ gains major investors or those with leverage trading might cashout, so only dive in this drive cautiously and let’s see what more Ripple is gonna offer today.


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