NEWS ROUNDUP: 18/02/19

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   1.World Leading Crypto Exchange Bibox Launches Perpetual Contract Trading

   2.ShapeShift Launches the Closed Beta for Its Revamped Platform.


1.World Leading Crypto Exchange Bibox Launches Perpetual Contract Trading .

Bibox, the world-leading AI-enhanced, encrypted digital asset exchange, announced the upcoming launch of perpetual contract trading for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in a statement published on their blog. Bibox will hold an online trading contest from February 18 to March 4, inviting users to experience the new product. Perpetual contracts will be priced in Tether (USDT). According to the statement, no transaction fees will be charged during the contest.



Bibox perpetual contracts also provide more flexible leverage options, allowing users to buy or sell with a leverage of up to 50x. For instance, users that want to trade 100 BTC/USDT contracts (the face value of one contract is 0.01BTC), with a leverage of 25x and given an index price of 3000USDT, the user will need a margin of 120USDT, while a margin of only 60USDT is needed with a 50x leverage. Flexible leverage provides users with the ability to speculate for greater potential returns in line with their risk preference.


Bibox has announced a range of incentives for who will participate in the launch.


A) users will not be charged any transaction fees for the contract trading during the contest period.


B) Bibox sets 1,000 places for the contest, users who deposit more than 100USDT and trade accumulatively up to 25BTC or 740 ETH of the contract face value will be awarded as experience officers and eligible to receive an exclusive10-60USDT reward.


C) the top 30 perpetual contract traders by earnings will be rewarded, that is, 1BTC for the champion, 50USDT for each of the remaining 29 users.


2.ShapeShift Launches the Closed Beta for Its Revamped Platform


Privacy Coin Beam (BEAM)


Shapeshift is working over following the exchange’s layoffs last month that reduced the size of its team by a third.



ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees revealed Sunday at ETH Denver, an Ethereum developer conference, that the company is planning a major rebranding effort that will revamp its platform, starting with a closed beta on Monday of a new exchange.


ShapeShift CMO Emily Coleman tells the new platform will feature better interoperability between ShapeShift’s major products, including its crypto hardware wallet KeepKey and crypto pricing tracker CoinCap.

news update
news update

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