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     1.Blockstream Releases C-Lightning 0.7

     2.Russia to Introduce Special Crypto Regulations for ‘Russian Offshores’


1.Blockstream Releases C-Lightning 0.7


C-Lightning Bitcoin Lightning Network Blockstream, a Canadian bitcoin and blockchain tech development firm, has launched a new version of c-lightning which is c-lightning 0.7, this is company’s implementation of the Lightning Network protocol – which is a layer-two payment protocol in Bitcoin.On 1 March 2019 in a blog post Blockstream announced about the new release.


According to their blogpost “This release is the culmination of eight months of work since their last major release, by 50 contributors from all over the world and comprising 1,300 commits. “


New Features in C-Lightning 0.7

C-lightning includes following new features which makes it more edged than previous versions


  • Plugins: the flagship feature for the 0.7 release, plugins allow developers to extend Lightning with their own applications written in any language.


  • Routeboost is now implemented, allowing user to send and receive payments over non-public channels by adding their details to invoices. This is important for nodes that do not announce their channels, allowing them to keep them private.


  • Improved funds management: better control over which coins are used to fund channels and withdraw from the nodes helps avoid a number of pitfalls with unconfirmed transactions.


  • option_data_loss_protect is now enabled by default, bolstering both your own security against datalosses, as well as that of your peers.


  • Reproducible builds: with some setup, you can build your own Ubuntu binaries and check that they’re identical to the ones we provide for your convenience.



2.Russia to Introduce Special Crypto Regulations for ‘Russian Offshores’


The new set of measures by russia which are being developed specially for “Russian offshores” will affect digital assets, Russian news agency TASS reported on Mar. 1.



The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia is developing a third package set of measures for development of so called “Russian offshores ” (Special Administrative Regions, SAR), places where companies can be exempted from paying certain taxes or allowing relaxed regulations to be in place, which will also include digital assets and shipping industry.


Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, Ilya Torosov told TASS that the special regulation of digital assets include cryptocurrencies , but they are using broader general term Digital assets for regulations.


“It is clear that this is cryptocurrency, but for now we are speaking more generally. Concerning the time-frame for implementing the third set of measures, I am currently not ready to say so far.” Torosov added.


After Bahrain, Russia-Largest country in terms of Area might be the next country which will bring in Crypto regulation which definitely is good for crypto market.

news update
news update

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