BTC withdrawal scam . Be beware!

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You receive an email, Instant message on social media or forum when you open it, the text states that.



Can you help me?

I am currently unable to withdraw my 10 BTC in this XYZ exchange (shows proof images), can you help me to withdraw my BTC to your wallet, I will pay you hefty 30% fee.”


now you think, 30% fee of 10 BTC is 3 BTC itself, a quite big amount, you get tempted- after all, God finally listened to your prayers and have sent an angel with a lot of money and seeking your help.


You quickly rush on the offer, visit that unknown exchange and saw BTC just sitting there to be taken out. You feel like your fortune is gonna turn around and that you can finally buy that car, have that foreign vacation you deserve, Modernize your house and what not. Since there are like infinite dreams to fulfil, if you got such money freely.


You put your bitcoin wallet address and hit withdraw.

Ah! snap


there is a pop up saying something like –

” For security purposes funds can be withdrawn only to addresses that are verified, to verify your wallet please send 0.02 BTC to undermentioned verification wallet.”

scam alert

well, that is a temporary pause on your thoughts. you have that much small BTC amount and if a site is saying its for verification it must be true since its 10 BTC to withdraw after all.


What will you do, in the above case?- will you send the money or just leave it.


Well, choose the later. as its a new type of scam that is starting to rise in crypto platforms, and we at decided to let our users know first hand of it.


Like all other money scams, this crypto scam also feeds on the desire to get rich quick. But always consider why anyone will give you money for free while creating a BTC wallet or hundreds of them is totally free.


The scam is rising and it has multiple variations to it, it can be BTC sitting in Exchange account, Poker site, Casino portal or a faucet too. While they may appear legit as professionally built. No scam review, having the same domain name with a different extension of some popular exchange/site, don’t fall for it, or in the end, the scammer will walk away with your hard earned money and will be seeking for next.


Let your loved ones to know the same as you won’t like them to get scammed after all.


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