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             1. IBM launches blockchain-based supply chain service with AI, IoT integration

             2. Updated Bitfinex Mobile App Now Includes Derivatives Trading Support


1.IBM launches blockchain-based supply chain service with AI, IoT integration

The global tech giant IBM has launched a new supply chain service based on its blockchain platform and open-source software from recently-acquired Red Hat that allows developers and outsider apps to integrate legacy corporate data systems onto a distributed ledger.The announcement is published in official IBM  Newsroom  .


The New Sterling Supply Chain Suite enables distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to incorporate their own data and systems to track and trace products.The aims of this service to help organizations make their supply chains more efficient and better ready to make decisions.


 IBM Supply Chain


Bob Lord,Senior Vice President, Cognitive Applications and Developer Ecosystems, IBM, said “Supply chains are now mission-critical systems for all businesses to drive success and profitability,” “Many organizations have risen to the top of their industries by building efficient and agile supply chains. By modernizing supply chains on top of open, hybrid-cloud platforms and infusing Watson AI, IBM Blockchain and IoT into their networks, the IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite can help companies across all industries enter a new era of global competitiveness.”


IBM sees a $50 billion market in technologies that will enable global businesses to carefully transform their supply chains. “IBM,” Lord said, “means to be number one in that market.”


The IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite’s Innovations includes:-

  • Trusted connectivity built to scale, backed by IBM Blockchain.
  • Real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations.
  • Open to developers to create tailored solutions.
  • Hybrid-cloud integration to extend existing supply chain investments


About IBM Sterling Supply Chain
IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions empower IT and supply chain professionals with greater visibility, transparency and trust to proactively predict and mitigate disruption, improve B2B information flow, and optimize inventory utilization and fulfillment.


2.Updated Bitfinex Mobile App Now Includes Derivatives Trading Support

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced the most recent updates and optimizations to its mobile app. which currently includes derivatives trading support.The announcement is published via official blog .


The latest update to the Bitfinex mobile app includes derivatives trading support as well as in-app access to Bitfinex Reports 2.0.

  Bitfinex Mobile app with derivative trading


The newest version of the mobile application for the cryptocurrency exchange is version 3.19.3. It has support for derivatives, which include charts, pairs, order history, and position, and the order form that has a leverage slider.


The traders and clients of this updated app are presently enabled to  access to the site via an in-app browser to the Bitfinex’s Reports 2.0. The clients can have the option to compile a summary of their account information instantly.


Download the latest version of the Bitfinex mobile app below:



  • Derivatives support which includes pairs, charts, order form with a leverage slider, order history and positions, Terms of Service of iFinex Financial Technologies Limited
  • In-app browser access to Bitfinex’s Reports 2.0, via the Settings tab
  • Support for currency conversions in the Wallets tab



  • Added link to Leaderboard in the Settings tab
  • Revised icons of tabs
  • Updated CN/TW translation for Exchange and Funding in the Wallets tab
  • Revised Telegram channel to t/bitfinex


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed number formatting issue with the addition of thousands separator, e.g. 12345 is now formatted as 12,345


Derivatives trading is offered by iFinex Financial Technologies Limited.The initial version was launched in October 2018. It has been receiving several improvements, updates, and bug fixes since then.

news update
news update

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