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Today, Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency. In fact, it a digital currency that is used for dealings that are encoded and can be made secure through a Blockchain technology. It is not just money created or regulated by any government. However, if we talk about the recent trend then these days there has been arising in the payment processors that are accepting BTC payments. Many experts are stressing upon usage of accommodating payment in Bitcoin as it offers different benefits for both online retailers and good old-fashioned bricks. In fact, the ‘decentralized‘ nature of Bitcoin is turning out to be a real benefit for many business owners as it allows anyone to accept payments, without any requirement of having an account with a third-party provider. Plus, opting for a professional payment processor merely is more comfortable, and secure to pay a small fee.


If we talk regarding benefits, then the most specific interest that can be availed by these payment processors is the quick conversion of Bitcoin (BTC) to your local fiat currency (for example USD). Now, this is very vital for many businesses as nowadays many companies have started to accept Bitcoin payments and so requires to pay all of their own costs and buy stock using fiat money. Consequently, if BTC recognized as payment is not converted to fiat instantly, then it may result in the loss of changes in the exchange rate between Bitcoin and the businesses local currency.


Moreover, payment processors facilitate you with all of the required tools and reports needed to make accepting Bitcoin payments without bearing any extra cost to develop your own software solution. Some of the popular payment processors that are receiving BTC payments are:


Payment processors



Accept PayPal plus cards and Bitcoin through their REST (API)application program interface.


By APIs in place to handle the things right from billing contracts and payments to client disputes as well as merchant onboarding. PayPal is still (perhaps) the king while it comes to payment APIs. Its REST service is easy to integrate and methodically documented. Compared to other payment, APIs Paypal is costly, but you are paying for name brand credit, 100% uptime, as well as speed.



Accept e-wallet payments, in addition to credit cards plus Bitcoin. Neteller enables straightforward payments plus orders over a well-hosted payment resolution recognized as NETELLER. It spontaneously offers payment choices founded on user site and is very easy toward implementation. The firm also emphasis on incorporating with plans/subscription which might create it a smart solution if you are likely to be dealing with a lot of recurring monthly payments.



It is an outstanding service in the cryptocurrency space and is utilized by Microsoft and Virgin Galactic. It has got a very complete API along with features (issuing invoices, refunds, etc.), which can be very useful in tracking track rates information in real-time and manage bills.



GoCoin facilitates merchants to accept payment in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin. It allows for easy integration into present sites using a reasonable worthy selection of plug-ins for prevalent shopping cart software like OpenCart, Magenta, WooCommerce and more. Plus, there is an API for developers wishing to form their own custom solutions.



It has a complete payment processing solution and includes different features like recurring payments, which is very much equivalent of direct debits for Bitcoin. Also, it also provides most of the features you will gain from the more prominent providers, such as a point of sale app.



It offers the most suitable Point-of-sale (POS) solutions businesses looking to accept Bitcoin payments. In fact, it also allows you to take payments just by taking a print-out on a small piece of paper with a QR code. Moreover, the transactions get confirmed promptly, and the merchant can easily customize the number of confirmations from the network which are often required for payments from other wallets.


Clearly, these days the options for selection of a Bitcoin payment entry are numerous, and good ones are popping up all the time. Generally, they all have specific standard features that would allow any merchant to start acquiescent Bitcoin payments. Changes include slight ones in processing dues (0.8% – 1%), functioning with additional altcoins in adding to Bitcoin, and the quantity of development that is essential to incorporate every bitcoin payment gateway.


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