Adobe Flash: Beware Fake Installers are installing hidden Crypto Miners

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Beware while downloading any Flash updater software, it might install Cryptocurrency miner and than your computer might be actually mining coins for culprits.


Adobe Flash which was once king of web and almost all big sites were using Flash to make themselves stand with the trend. For Video playing it was a must and Flash with scripting support was a popular tool to build website based apps, objects and modules.


Later HTML5 came into play and days of Flash started fading away, Video Player sites soon moved to HTML5 video format and Flash was no longer needed. Developers also moved off and an era of Flash ended. A must tool had become obsolete. Flash-based attacks and threats had also come into play and giving trouble.


Later Flash couldn’t keep pace with Browser’s Development and most of the browsers put it in security restrictions where users had to activate or allow flash to run on page and had to allow flash to run website wise.

Adobe flash


But still a lot of websites are still using it and some video content sites too, Some fake Adobe Flash updaters are trying to help you in this field by updating flash and also installing cryptocurrency miner so that user’s computer resources can be used to mine cryptocurrency which later is sent to Programmer ‘s account and free money is made by culprits.


XMR Mining-Monero which is denoted by XMR is a privacy-based cryptocurrency, which means no one can trace where funds are being sent neither the amount being sent. It has one more feature, it uses CryptoNight proof-of-work hash algorithm, which comes from the CryptoNote protocol. Due to this algorithm, it is mined by CPU, so the more CPU working for you the more profit for you, and that’s why its favourite for browser-based mining.


New research from  Palo Alto Networks suggests that there is a flood of fake flash installers who not only updates flash but also starts working in the background and that’s a quite a way to deceive the user.


A User is bombed with “Update your flash: your Flash player is out of date” advertisement or pop up ads, believing the case user downloads installer and installs it which not only updates flash in some cases but always installs XMR cryptocurrency miner. which mines monero by using user’s CPU and graphics cards up to a percentage set in miner and sends mined monero to culprit’s address which is untraceable.


This type of mining is highly unethical and not liked by users but is growing in the age of crypto mining rush. So just beware of these ads and installers. Adobe is going to pull the plug off Flash in 2020 which is a relief as with it this problem will also fade away.


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