Paradigm can change crypto exchanges for good.

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Paradigm A decentralized relay protocol for smart contract based financial primitives, which intends to create open, borderless and efficient global markets has raised seed capital $1 million in seed funding round led by Polychain capital with participation from Dragonfly Capital and Chapter One


This seed funding was essential for Paradigm as during seed funding a Crypto Protocol is evaluated if it has potential for future purposes and that investors are expecting profit in this idea and that it can actually be of any use in the world.


Paradigm’s concept to build borderless global markets will help mostly crypto exchanges as other markets like Stock markets are under purview of respective regulators working under local laws and are not going to come under one umbrella since no such regulatory platform exists for such . But crypto exchanges if are combined into one big combined system it will solve a lot of platform problems relatted to crypto exchanges .


3 main aims of Paradigm is to

  • Unifying Liquidity-Promoting greater market efficiency via the creation of a single decentralized global liquidity pool.
  • Reducing Redundancies-Providing shared infrastructure for an ecosystem of hybrid decentralized settlement logic.
  • Minimizing Barriers-Creating an open and feeless protocol for the decentralized broadcast and discovery of orders


Paradigm has come up with a rather good idea Which Uses Zrx(Ox) project’s open protocol for decentralized exchange , which has since become the de facto exchange primitive, is ‘hybrid decentralized’ in architecture. Which means that order relay (broadcast and discovery) occurs off-chain while settlement processes remain on-chain.


Zrx protocol allows wallet-to-wallet exchange of funds however order broadcast and discovery is to be done by third parties and thats where Paradigm comes up to provide solution.


Paradigm is expected to solve a lot of troubles but its also expected that more start ups might be thinking the same and we might see more solutions coming in this certain important field, But for the time all eyes are on Paradigm that how it will handle further process.


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