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1.Bitcoin SV Starts 2019 With a New Logo Which Imitates Bitcoin’s Appearance

2.Ireland Increases Oversight for Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Financial Institutions

3.BitTorrent and TRON Get Ready To Launch New Token


1.Bitcoin SV Starts 2019 With a New Logo Which Imitates Bitcoin’s Appearance

Bitcoin SV, the altcoin born after the fork of Bitcoin Cash, unveiled a new logo on Bitcoin’s (BTC) birthday. According to its official website, the new logo was chosen by the community upon winning three Twitter polls with various options available.

Bitcoin SV

After having an entirely original logo, with motifs that evoked the Asian culture, with a dragon and a typography with a contrast black and red, now the Altcoin opted for a logo that is shown as a copy of Bitcoin (BTC) with the same font but not in italics, and with a combination of gold and gray similar to the orange and gray shown on the original Bitcoin (BTC) logo.


After the announcement published on Twitter by the bComm Association, the community’s comments, do not seem to correspond with those of a winning design to the liking of the majority. An important part of the responses mocked the team’s lack of creativity and the excessive resemblance to the Bitcoin (BTC) logo.


The rest of the community has widely criticized the strategy of BCHers trying to self-promote as Bitcoin (BTC). Even in early 2018, Roger Ver, a fervent promoter of pre-forked Bitcoin Cash (now BCH ABC) was close to being sued for generating confusion in users by selling them BCH making them think they were acquiring Bitcoin (BTC).


2.Ireland Increases Oversight for Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Financial Institutions

In a bid to curb the activities of bad actors who use cryptocurrencies to facilitate illicit gains such as terrorism financing, Irish authorities are set to approve the Criminal Justice Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Amendment Bill 2019, according to The Irish Times report on January 4, 2018.



The Irish Cabinet has reportedly greenlighted the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Amendment) Bill 2019 which seeks to put in place stricter rules to govern cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin-linked businesses, as well as other financial institutions in the state.

Per sources close to the matter, the primary goal of the bill is to give effect to the Fifth European Union (EU) anti-money laundering regulation and strengthen existing legislation.


The law requires cryptocurrency exchanges and other businesses in the finance sector to carry out adequate customer identity verification procedures and more.


If the bill gets approved in Ireland, all crypto operators, banks, and others would be required to carry out more robust due diligence before accepting new customers. Similarly, anonymous transactions will no longer be tolerated.


3. BitTorrent and TRON Get Ready To Launch New Token

BitTorrent and TRON are preparing to launch a new token that will soon be used on the massively popular file sharing network. The announcement of the token also coincides with the departure of BitTorrent CEO Rogelio Choy — signifying a bold new era for BitTorrent.


The BitTorrent Token




The new token, called BitTorrent token (BTT), represents one more step toward TRON’s Project Atlas. When Project Atlas is released, BitTorrent users will be able to spend the BTT token in order to receive higher download speeds. In turn, users who upload files will be compensated for providing higher speeds. The token will also provide an incentive for users to continue uploading files after their download has finished.


Since BTT hasn’t been fully launched yet, the token’s place in the market is unclear. Interestingly, the BTT ticker is currently used by a trading platform called Blocktrade, and the two tokens should not be confused. Presumably, exchanges and market aggregators will collectively change their listings and begin publishing data for the BitTorrent token in the near future.

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