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               1.Bitmain’s Antminer S17 Series to be launched on April 09, 2019.

               2.Blockchain Development Platform ArcBlock Launches ABT Network


1.Bitmain’s Antminer S17 Series to be launched on April 09, 2019.

Cryptomining manufacturer Bitmain has Announced the release Date for its new Efficient Antminer S17 Series.The S17 set of miners incorporates the Antminer S17 Pro, Antminer S17 and the Antminer T17. The news was published  in an official Bitmain blog post on March 29.



The key highlights of the Antminer S17 include: improved energy productivity; higher hash rate and size similarity with the previous S15 series. It mine cryptocurrencies based on the SHA256 algorithm, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


Yangxin, Product Manager of Bitmain’s said-“The new miner offers a steep improvement in the hashrate in terms of space and power consumption,” what went into the production of the new and improved 2nd generation 7nm ASIC BM1397 mining chips. The new chip equipped in the 17 series offers a 28.6 per cent improvement in power efficiency in comparison with Bitmain’s previous 7nm chip, the BM1391.


Yangxin said: features of the new Antminer S17,

         1.Improved performance compared with the previous generation chip. Improved energy efficiency has a big part to play in this.

      2.Higher hashrate in a single miner. This builds the hashrate density per unit space and saves deployment costs for mining ranches.


Yangxin said:- From a technical point of view, there is no end to the advancement of innovation. However, in the short run, the driving force behind the development of next-gen miners beyond 7nm chips is slowing down due to physical limitations.


what’s next regarding miners

BitmainYangxin  adds It takes few iterations to make new miners based on the next generation semiconductor process. The solutions to the difficulties of nanometer scale mass production require greater investment and further innovative work.


Considering the fast pace of development in this area in the past few years, the industry would soon have to find what the next generation would be. For the near future, 7nm would remain the most preferred in terms of performance and economics.” But TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is already in the process of building 5nm chips. which might be the future of Mining


The new Antminer 17 series will go up for sale on Bitmain’s official website on 9 April 2019.


2.Blockchain Development Platform ArcBlock Launches ABT Network

ArcBlock  ( Blockchain Development Platform ) has announced the release their ABT Network according to news published on its official website. Arcblock claims to be The first-ever continuous blockchain network known as a “blockchain superhighway” that is intended to extend and add new free blockchain networks seamlessly while improving performance and limit as the network develops.



ABT Network  is going on  to releases the several new platforms in the next few weeks for ArcBlock including ABT Node, Forge Framework and their Decentralized Wallet. The ABT Network also introduces few industry firsts to the blockchain network and redefines how blockchain systems can be fabricated, managed and used. ABT Network enables developers to easily make their own blockchain systems for their particular requirements.


Beginning  back with Open Chain Access Protocol that was intended  to unify how blockchain is used regardless of the chain to their newly launched ABT Network and Forge Framework, a new development framework that gives developers everything they have  to manufacture  and run their DApps,


The goal has been to give developers decisions  and enable  them to build the way they want to without confinement. If they want to use a public chain they can, if they want to build and own their chains they can do that too. It’s all about ease of use and choice,” said Tyr Chen, VP of Engineering at ArcBlock.


ArcBlock’s ABT Network is focused on creating real value for users and puts more emphasis on helping developers and businesses real applications or services versus gambling and other services that really deliver no value at all.”


ArcBlock started accepting early access applications for their ABT Node and Miner programs in February and have received an excellent response. In excess of  200 applications have been submitted with 50 new partners being selected into the different mining categories and hundreds of applications for the ABT Node program with 20 being selected. ArcBlock is proceeding  to accept new applications and adding new partners every week.


About ArcBlock

ArcBlock’s mission is to make blockchain technologies a part of our everyday lives by making it easily accessible and useful. ArcBlock has created a powerful but easy to use development platform that utilizes the power of blockchain in combination with cloud computing that developers and businesses to achieve their goals successfully.

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