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       1.Honeyminer, Crypto Mining App Now Available On MacOS

       2.Nordea launches blockchain-based trading platform for SMEs


1.Honeyminer, Crypto Mining App Now Available On MacOS

The mining app from Honey miner, a New Jersey-based cryptocurrency mining startup is now available on the Mac OS, as announced by the firm in a blog post on May 9.


HoneyMiner, which launched in July 2018, accesses your CPU or GPU and utilize  it to mine different  cryptos. A central server points the connected machines at a certain crypto like ethereum, ethereum classic, zcash, monero and other GPU-friendly currencies.




MacOS mining App lets everyone mine easily, with efficiency it includes other features as:


  • A seamless, one-click mining application
  • Balance view in satoshis or USD
  • Estimates of daily and monthly potential earnings
  • A full activity log with current mining statistics, currencies, and hardware utilized
  • Fully-integrated dashboard that works across all your hardware
  • Mobile dashboard view on our web app
  • Mining with CPU, GPU, or both simultaneously
  • Mining while your computer is idle
  • Withdrawals
  • Experience points, level up bonus,  and referral rewards
  • Dozens of the most profitable cryptocurrencies and algorithms to mine – automatically paid out in Bitcoin



Honeyminer runs in the background – mining with both your CPU and GPU .The HoneyMiner app takes 2.5% of the earnings for multi-GPU machines and 8% from single GPU users.


 2.Nordea launches blockchain-based trading platform for SMEs

European financial services firm Nordea has announced that it is launching blockchain-based platform for its small and middle-sized business customers (SMEs).The news is published on its official website.


The platform is a “digital one stop shop for trade” and offers banks’ customers access to a simple user-interface, leveraging innovative smart contract and opening up potential new trading opportunities. In July 2018, it announced that the first live trade transactions have been conducted on its platform.




Nordea said that it is launching the platform following a successful soft launch last month. It added that the platform offers a secure venue for companies in Europe to trade with other European companies and expands its offering to SME customers.


“Just about 60 percent of the SME’s said that they have to make advance payments so there is obviously a sense of insecurity surrounding cross-border trade. This is unfortunate, not only from a liquidity standpoint, it may also lead to companies refraining from trading and not growing. We want to change how our customers do business with each other and are now building an ecosystem for it”, Patrik Zekkar said.


Magnus Montan, head of Business Banking, said that while SMEs are increasingly getting involved in cross border trading, they face some common challenges including trusting their overseas trading partners.


Patrik Zekkar, Global Head of Trade Finance & Working Capital Management at Nordea, explained that trading over the platform simplifies the order and contract processes between buyers and sellers. The platform ensures security as trading is controlled through a set of rules, as well as offers flexibility as the parties can choose, for example, what events will trigger payments.


Customer surveys identified three essential needs that were key in the first commercial version of the platform. Event-driven payments meet the expressed requirement  for automated payments. An assurance by the bank satisfies the need for secured payments, should the buyer lack sufficient funds. The seller may also sell the invoice to the bank and gain earlier access to payment.

news update
news update

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