Monet Token Sale(Press Release)

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Token Sale of MONET network will take place in September 2019

The MONET Team has announced the upcoming launch of their own Testnet and public offering of their token TENOM, beginning September 16, 2019 (A private pre-sale is being conducted from July 15-31, 2019).  Read the announcement in their recent development update.


About the Project:

MONET is a public open source network architecture for mobile blockchains on demand. Based on the powerful and fast consensus algorithm Babble, with ad hoc blockchains MONET can process thousands of transactions per second with near instant finality.  It solves the following problems: centralization of the P2P economy; slowness of publicly distributed networks; adaptation to mobiles. Learn more about the project and how MONET works from this short presentation video.


Currently the MONET Team has developed the following products:

  • Babble – is an open-source software system for developers who want to build their own peer-to-peer (p2p) applications;
  • EVM Lite – MONET Interface compatible with Ethereum and other blockchains;
  • Chatterbox is a demo app which uses the Babble Mobile library to enable multiple mobile devices to chat without a centralized server;
  • Tenom token will be used as a means of transacting on ad hoc blockchains and Monet Hub.

The public can track the actual stage of development and recent updates on the official GitHub account and the medium blog of the company.



About Team:

The core team of the project consists of six people, among them: Martin Arrivets (CTO) and Giacomo Puri Purini (CEO). All information about the team can be found on this page.


Token Sale Information:

In order to continue developing an open-source infrastructure for peer-to-peer mobile applications and distribute TENOM tokens among active community members the team is organizing a TENOM Token Sale, which will be held on September 16, 2019. All details about this event will be published on the official site. In order to take part in the token sale join the MONET community in social networks: Telegram, Twitter, Medium.


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