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               1.Fan Token Platform Socios Announces Prepaid Fiat-Crypto Card

               2.Binance Now Supports Deposits and Withdrawals in Hong-Kong Dollars


1.Fan Token Platform Socios Announces Prepaid Fiat-Crypto Card, a project that is centered around on bringing sports fans nearer to their preferred clubs and players with blockchain technology and the Chiliz ($CHZ) altcoin, has declared plans to launch SociosID, a blockchain-based identity verification solution and a prepaid debit card that will make it simpler  for CHZ holders to spend their coins or withdraw it for fiat currency. The News is published via  Socios blog Post on February 24, 2020.


Socios Announces Prepaid Fiat-Crypto Card


The aim of Socios ID  to allow  users and fans to have a worldwide ID number (XXXX-1234), that can also be redone dependent  based on the amount of $CHZ  to give advantages, reward loyalty, among a large group of other benefits.  The SociosID solution and the live prepaid debit card is relied upon to go live this summer, beginning from the European market, trailed by the Latin American region, then Turkey and Asia.


Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of and Chili said:-

“Using blockchain to create one unique ID for fans is an amazing use case especially in the sports and ticketing industries. Our focus is to launch a product that will be used by fans but more importantly will be connected to some of our partners’ ecosystems. This will allow fans to be empowered with their Fan Tokens but also rewarded with $CHZ and benefits thanks to this card. This strategic move is aimed at reinforcing our leadership in blockchain and sports innovation, by using technology to bring the clubs, sports teams & IPs closer to their global fan bases”


The card represents membership,simultaneously, a payment card that will permit users to reclaim rewards, just as to access partner discounts instantly. Socios noticed that the details of the card issuer would be disclosed at the launch, this summer.


2.Binance Now Supports Deposits and Withdrawals in Hong-Kong Dollars

Binance, one of the world’s premier cryptocurrency exchanges has announced the introduction of the Hong Kong dollar fiat to crypto facility on its platform through the Epay service. The News is published via binance blog post on February 21, 2020.

According to the announcement :-

“when the HKD is deposited into the users’ Binance wallets,users will have the option to buy and sell  crypto  with  HKD with the platform’s one-click buy sell service. One-Click Buy/Sell permits users to buy and sell digital currency more conveniently and rapidly without charts or complex order types, and provides users with real-time price data to directly execute their trades. “



Epay now bolsters HKD, EUR and GBP fiat currencies, with SWIFT CODE, Wire Transfer, SEPA, Fasapay, PM and other E-currency deposit and withdraw services also upheld.


Clients can now login and deposit to Binance by means of their Epay account with zero fiat deposit fees for HKD.


About EPay

Epay, a fast and low-cost global payment provider Established and headquartered in Hong Kong in 2014, Epay has branch offices in China, USA, the United Kingdom, Europe and Samoa, and obtained Hong Kong financial services license, America money service license and PCI security certification.
news update
news update

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