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               1.Gemini Launches Hardware Key Mobile Application Compatibility

               2.Aliant Payments Launches New CryptoBucks Mobile Application


1. Gemini Launches Hardware Key Mobile Application Compatibility

The US-based Crypto  exchange Gemini has announced that it has launched  a  hardware security key suite across both Android and iOS devices through WebAuthn. The new support function for hardware keys on the Gemini exchange will permit clients  to use included security from suppliers like Yubikey. The announcement is published by means of Gemini blog post on July 15, 2020.



Gemini has become the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer support for hardware security keys for its mobile application, which will allow its clients to validate their records through a cryptographic evidence of a user’s identity. The new component will ensure that only the holder of the physical key has access to an associated account, even if the password to that account has been compromised by an assailant, or if a SIM-swap attack has been executed effectively.


Gemini’s support for hardware security keys underscores the value of two-factor authentication. Once it is empowered, 2FA requirements a code from a mobile device for website login after a user inputs their password.  The code, ordinarily a single-use, time-based string of numbers, comes from  an instant message or a third-party app subject to the user’s settings.


Gemini security and designing groups continue to organizing new security highlights so as to give the best and most secure user experience possible.


About Gemini


Gemini is a New York trust organization regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS).  Gemini is also a additionally a Qualified Custodian.


2. Aliant Payments Launches New CryptoBucks Mobile Application

Aliant Payments ” a main U.S. based supplier of merchant services and payment handling”  has announced that it has launched a  CryptoBucks  mobile app. It is  intended to empower merchants to safely accept crypto payments from any device. The announcement is published via Alliants payments official website on July 14, 2020.


The launch of CryptoBucks represents a new standard for convenience, adaptability, and security. This   app makes it simpler for merchants to accept Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Litecoin(LTC), and Ethereum (ETH) payments both available and online, whilst adhering to all KYC and AML guidelines. Also, CryptoBucks is offering merchants their initial 90 days of crypto handling transactions free-of-charge, with no monthly fees, no contract, and no termination, with the alternative to cancel at any time.



Eric Brown, Founder and CEO of Aliant Payments Said:-

“Our new CryptoBucks mobile app allows for a seamless experience for both retailers and consumers, making it the fastest, easiest and coolest payment app in the world,”. “We are thrilled to be changing the way consumers pay for everyday purchases and transforming payments in a way never before seen.”


This app Available to download free-of-charge on both iOS and Android.


Innovative highlights on the CryptoBucks’s app include:


  • A quick signup process, where merchants can upload documents, get approved, get accreditations , and begin accepting crypto payments within one hour.
  • Crypto sales are converted to USD and deposited directly into a merchant’s domestic checking account within 48 hours.
  • Users can screen the status of all transactions in continuously.
  • Users can send transaction invoices and accept payments from anywhere in the world through their website, mobile device, email, SMS text message, or in person.
  • East integration with Android-driven point-of-sale systems.


Aliant became one of the first payment processors to offer a cryptocurrency payment solution to merchants in 2017. The CryptoBucks app launch is the most recent development in a growth strategy to partner with both major retailers and fintech and software developers to expand the utilization of cryptocurrency payments.


Download the CryptoBucks app on the App Store here.

Download the CryptoBucks app on Google Play here.

news update
news update

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