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                   1.Crypto-Enabled VPN Provider Orchid Launches on Apple’s App Store

                   2.Brave Browser Partners With  bitFlyer to Build A Crypto Wallet for Users


1.Crypto-Enabled VPN Provider Orchid Launches on Apple’s App Store

Orchid  “Decentralized virtual private network (VPN) provider  has announced the launch of its crypto-empowered VPN App in the Apple app store. The announcement is published by means of Orchid official press release .


This  App incorporates different new highlights  – iOS clients can buy an Orchid account directly in the app. This new component makes it simple to utilize the crypto powered VPN with just fiat currency such as U.S. Dollars (USD) — there’s no compelling reason to procur or transfer cryptocurrency at all.


Crypto-Enabled VPN Provider Orchid Launches on Apple’s App Store


One of the significant highlights of Orchid’s VPN is that bandwidth suppliers are repaid with Orchid’s own digital token, OXT. The in-app purchases would essentially work like gift cards for the OXT token, Orchid’s cryptocurrency used for transactions on its network.


People would now be able to  appreciate all the benefits of Orchid’s peer-to-peer bandwidth market with the similar level of convenience as any other app.


Presently there’s a simpler method to get started. In-app purchases give people fully functional, shareable Orchid accounts powered by crypto, but with a simplified onboarding process that’s as quick as any other iOS app. And all users enjoy the same level of privacy Orchid has always provided.


In-app purchases at present in the iOS app, and soon will be supported in Android as well. The team additionally  has plans to grow pre-filled accounts to be good with credit card processors, permitting people to buy an account directly on the Orchid website. These accounts could then be linked through the app.


Orchid’s goal of making Internet security available to as many people as possible. This milestone lets people start exploring the Internet freely as soon as they’ve downloaded the app — and all from their smartphones and more people that are able to go online in safety and privacy with tools like Orchid, the closer we will be to reestablishing an open and available Internet for all.


2.Brave Browser Partners With  bitFlyer to Build A Crypto Wallet for Users

Brave  “A privacy-focused web browser”  has partnered with bitFlyer “Japan’s largest digital currency exchange”  and Brave Software International SEZC  “a subsidiary of Brave Software which performs token operations” to offer a support for both company’s users .  The announcement  in published via Brave  official press release  on july 09, 2020.


The partnership would see the development of a crypto wallet for Brave browser users. BitFlyer will be Brave’s first partner  in the crypto asset wallet space in Japan. The development of a crypto wallet by the exchange and browser could change that and allow Japanese citizens to earn in BAT.


Brave Browser Partners With  bitFlyer to Build A Crypto Wallet for Users


The partnership between both companies could serve as a forerunner for legalizing BAT in Japan. Such a move will see BAT become a tradable token on Japanese exchanges likely start with bitFlyer. The collaboration may also create a channel for BAP to BAT conversions.


The press articulations from both companies didn’t offer further details regarding the planned crypto wallet project.


BitFlyer and Brave are additionally intending to launch a joint marketing campaign in Japan “to grow the recognition of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among our customers and to improve customer comfort”.


About bitFlyer, Inc.

bitFlyer was built up  in 2014 with a strategic of “Simplify the world with blockchain.” It bring  security on a worldwide scale to a trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, where It has  maintained the biggest Bitcoin exchange  volume in Japan. It  also the main cryptocurrency exchange operator authorized to work in Japan, the US, and the EU.

news update
news update

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