6 Top Distributed Apps (dApps) For Blockchain

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dApps (Distributed Apps) are decentralized applications that are operated on a distributed computing system. Distributed ledger technologies have increased the awareness of the dApps such as Ethereum Blockchain. dApps are renowned widely as smart contracts. Bitcoin had been the first dApp, which had allowed anyone across the world to download the open-source code app, mine the blocks, and get rewarded with digital currency as a great reward.


Following are six top distributed apps (dApps) for the blockchain:


     1. ChainLink

This is an oracle system or a secure decentralized data input that verifies the information from the external feed. In the blockchain platform, an oracle system is a database. A smart contract is fed with traditional business information that runs on a blockchain ledger.


ChainLink help in improving the system, which makes compromise or any malicious attack impossible. One of the most interesting things is that it is being tested for Google’s BigQuery platform as a database warehouse.



BraveBrave is one of the most famous web browser, which is accomodating 09 million users. Brave has put the consumers on the front seat by handing the power to dictate the advertising models. So, Brave has made the Brave model upside down. Brave is committed to bringing about a blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform.



     3.EOS Dynasty

EOS DynastyThis dapp is a game, are you surprised that blockchain technology also exists in the gaming world. EOS Dynasty claims to be the first PvP (player-vs-player) role-playing game on Blockchain. In this game, players get to enjoy the evolution of three heroes that gathers political, economic, and physical capabilities by riding, gathering amounts, and forging the equipment.



ChainYardIt is a dApp that is constantly working to solve the problems of the Supplier Management System. These systems are non-uniform, slow, ineffective, inefficient, and unable to adapt to the new standards and requirements instantly. Chainyard is a permission blockchain network, which is striving to improve life cycle information management, supplier validation, and onboarding.



MakerDAOIt is the decentralized credit service that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain platform. Dai is supported by MakerDAO, which is a stable coin. Anybody can use the MakerDAO, provide the collateral on the ETH as collateral, and produce Dai as dept against the collateral deposited. Users can only borrow 66% of the collateral value.



TRACEDonateThere is less transparency in the charity sector. The donations suffer from a lack of traceability, which is why people commit fraudulent activities. This is where our TRACEDonate comes. It traces the donations, brings about the transparency in the donations sector, and renders employees or volunteers liable to their actions. All in all, TRACEDonate had been created and designed to boost cross-border remittances and giving.


Conclusion: These six dApps are the famous, widely used, and good distributed apps. These blockchain-based dApps have been designed to bring revolution in different sectors and has potential to bring better path to world.


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