NEWS ROUNDUP: 21/03/19

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1 Lightning Loop Alpha released: An Easier Way to Revive payment capacity on Lightning Network.

2 Isobar partners with AdsDax to use DLT and Blockchain in Advert/Marketing segment.


1. Lightning Loop Alpha released: An Easier Way to Revive payment capacity on Lightning Network

Lightning Labs has released a new feature named as Lightning Loop. a non-custodial service that makes it easier for people to receive funds and revive payment receiving capacity on Lightning network. it is a bitcoin payment channel innovation aimed at scaling the cryptocurrency.

According to Lightning Labs- “Lightning channels are like tubes of money: the more you send the more you can receive, and the other way around. Money moves around in the tube, but the total amount of funds remains constant. So, unlike other payment systems, Lightning requires “inbound capacity” in order to receive funds.


Lightning Loop Out will solve this problem, Lightning Loop allows users to increase their receiving capacity by offloading their funds from the network while keeping channels open.”


This can fairly work on sites which work in field area of, earning  satoshis on microwork  sites, faucets, to selling goods with Lightning, to sending peer-to-peer payments around the globe, where the capacity to receive is key.


The Future of Loop

In their next release, Lightning Labs are planning to add Loop In, which empowers users to refill their Lightning channels with on-chain bitcoin from wallets or exchanges.


The vision for Lightning Loop is to enable users to safely move assets all through the Lightning Network utilizing non-custodial Bitcoin contracts. With Loop, users, businesses, and directing node operators can keep Lightning channels open indefinitely, making the network more efficient, more stable, and less expensive to use.


As of now, Loop Out transactions are limited to a maximum of 0.01 BTC (1M sats) for initial release. No usage fees will be charged during the alpha, but on-chain fees will apply. Interested ones can try Loop Out.


2. Isobar partners with AdsDax to use DLT and Blockchain in Advert/Marketing segment.

According to a Press Release published by Business Insider, AdsDax, a blockchain-based end-to-end rich-media advertising platform has partnered with Isobar India, to test digital ledger technologies and measure the effect of running an ad campaign at scale on an open record from a specialized and business point of view.



The first campaign happened already in January and February 2019, promoted CEAT Tyres, in form of video content mobile ads delivered to mobile phone platform consumers from the AdsDax platform. The campaign got in excess of 2.66 Million ad impressions, whose data was updated on Blockchain providing quick and transparent access to activities.


The company(AdsDax) is at present revealing the blockchain live MVP component of its platform to select partners in the industry to understand how it may apply the new technologies and explore opportunities for improving the advertising ecosystem.


“Digital Ledger technology is a game-changer for the ad tech industry and will ultimately lead to greater efficiencies for advertisers and agencies,” said AdsDax CEO, Ian Mullins.


He also added that “We’ve hit the biggest milestone in the industry so far – we have a live, end-to-end scalable solution for blockchain-tracked rich-media ad campaigns. We’ve proved with Isobar we can deliver advertising on a blockchain at scale, we are delighted not only to bring amazing interactive creative formats and engaged audiences to their brands but now insight, analysis, and opportunities from Digital Ledger technologies”

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