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         1.BitTorrent To Start Internal Testing of Its Social Streaming Platform BLive

         2.Binance launches a platform for developers, ‘Binance X,’ aiming to boost mass crypto adoption


1.BitTorrent To Start Internal Testing of Its Social Streaming Platform BLive

BitTorrent, the biggest P2P sharing system of the world, has recently announced that internal testing of its social streaming platform, which joins blockchain technology with a community live streaming application is about to start. While an official date is not revealed, the procedure is set to begin within the next few weeks. The News is published  on BitTorrent  Medium  post on Aug 28, 2019.


As per medium post “With  BitTorrent Live, or B Live, you can create live video content, connect with people who offer the same passions, and potentially gain by communicating your innovativeness and find friends around the world.”


The new platform BLive will have a video streaming program and a messaging system. BTT tokens will be used to make payments or gifts within the ecosystem.


 BLive Internal Testing by bittorrent


BLive will have a wide scope of features, including sound/video livestreams, a real-time instant messaging system that allows various users to  communicate and collaborate, and deposit/withdrawal services of BTT and other cryptocurrencies.


Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent said,“With the continuous growth of telecommunication technology and social media, livestreams have gained a tremendous edge and have become the dark horse of online communication. “It gives rise to outstanding content creators who have thousands of followers but don’t get their fair share of advertisements and virtual gifts.”


Three Stages of BLive

Stage 1: Alpha version-Estimated time of completion: Q3, 2019.

Stage 2: Beta version-Estimated time of completion: end of Q4 2019.

Stage 3: Full version-Estimated time of completion: end of Q1 2020.


BitTorrent Live is set to be a problematic platform that means to change the manner in which that people manage live streaming. It needs to decentralize how this market works so that people will have more opportunity to devour media.


2.Binance launches a platform for developers, ‘Binance X,’ aiming to boost mass crypto adoption

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volumes, has recently  announced the launch of  its new developer-focused project, called  Binance X,  The Announcement is published on blog.


Binance X enables designers to learn and work together with blockchain ecosystem, as well as Binance’s own solutions such as its native public blockchain Binance Chain, application program interfaces (APIs), Trust Wallet software development kits (SDKs) and Binance Charity gift platform.


Binance X a solution for developers


Binance X supports developers and their activities by facilitating learning and joint effort on the Binance platform and interfacing them with applicable Binance’s programs designed to help projects achieve growth at various phases of development. These programs include Binance X Fellowship, Binance Labs Incubation, Binance Launchpad as well as the company’s strategic investment arm, M&A  and other partnership programs.


Why Binance X?

At Binance, Its long-term mission is to provide infrastructure to enable the freedom of money. With that as a guidepost, It  has quickly developed  towards that mission by growing our suite of products.



First, developers can find links to all of the official developer resources from every product on the Binance platform.


Second, Binance X has started a Fellowship Program .It was designed to help skilled developers in making free and open-source software that would enable new innovations and businesses in the crypto economy.Since the program started earlier this year, It has on-boarded about 40+ projects across various ecosystems.


Here are a few highlighted fellowship projects:


Third, the Binance X Evangelist Program recruits volunteer evangelists to run local and college meetups, reading groups, workshops, and hackathons

news update
news update

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