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          1.Microsoft announces Azure Blockchain Tokens and enterprise data management

          2.Lithuanian Central Bank Announces Blockchain Collector Coin

          3.Ledger Live Adds Support for Tezos and Staking, Adds Features to Hardware Wallets


1.Microsoft announces Azure Blockchain Tokens and enterprise data management

Microsoft’s blockchain-empowered Microsoft Azure cloud service announced new data management tools for tokenization and blockchain. The IT service company revealed the Azure Blockchain Tokens and blockchain information manager in a post published on the official Microsoft Azure blog .


The Azure Blockchain Tokens platform aims to simplify the description, development and management of industry-standard agreeable tokens.The blockchain data manager supports numerous public and private transaction data formats and greatly simplifies the integration of existing applications with data the sits on a blockchain.  Microsoft’s new blockchain data manager is  another Azure Blockchain Service include developed explicitly to help users in acquiring blockchain ledger data.


Microsoft Azure


According to blog post “Microsoft has taken blockchain from an art and transformed it into a science by fundamentally improving each aspect of the software stack. We’ve benefited from the innovation of no-code logic apps for data ingestion, off-chain storage with Azure SQL Database and Azure Cosmos DB, and analytics visualization via Power BI. The rich integration of these Azure services with Azure Blockchain Service and Azure Blockchain Workbench have enabled us to get our solutions into the hands of our customers much faster with a lot less complexity.” – David Havera, Blockchain Leader, GE Aviation Digital Group.


In addition to simplifying blockchain data integration into existing applications, giving choice and adaptability is fundamental to our investments in Azure Blockchain Service. Corda Enterprise joins Ethereum as an additional distributed ledger technology accessible within the service.


Microsoft Azure also recently introduced “Azure Heroes,” which are non-fungible blockchain-based tokens that are used to incentivize its developer community.


2.Lithuanian Central Bank Announces Blockchain Collector Coin

The Central Bank of Lithuania will release a digital blockchain collector coin by Spring 2020. According to the news published via official News post on December 09, 2019.


The coin will be; committed to the Act of Independence of Lithuania of 16 Feb 1918 just as its 20 signatories. In fact, the coin will have a category of 19.18 Euros , as a symbol of praise to the year of the act. Meanwhile, the structure and size of the collector will be similar to a credit card.


Marius Jurgilas, Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania said,“This innovative coin will feature the signatories due to their significant role in the country’s history and contribution to the restoration of our independence. Quite a few of them could be called innovators of their time, as they created and brought progress to Lithuania,”


As the nation’s central bank, the Bank of Lithuania is entrusted with issuing the currency of Lithuania and figuring and implementing monetary policy. This implies  the bank itself has the authority to mint and produce currency, which gives it the extraordinary power to create state-regulated digital and collectible coins and tie that to blockchain technology.

Lithuanian Central Bank Announces Blockchain Collector Coin


The plans incorporate the release of 24,000 collector tokens created using blockchain technology. Each token will include one of the 20 signatories and collectors will have the chance to buy  the entire set. Tokens are divided into six categories, separated by the signatories’ areas of activity, with 4,000 tokens distributed to each.

“I attempted to do a modern take on the historic photograph of the Council of Lithuania that many remember from history books. The digitised picture consists of more than 36,500 pixels – the approximate number of days that have passed since the Act of 16 February,” said Giedrius Paulauskis, designer of the digital collector coin.


The Lithuanian central bank noticed its interest in researching blockchain technology and that this flighty  coin mint would assist it gain knowledge and experience in that industry.The project would also be used to help Lithuanian companies to complete blockchain-oriented research and adapt that technology to the financial sector.


3.Ledger Live Adds Support for Tezos and Staking, Adds Features to Hardware Wallets

The developer of hardware cryptocurrency wallet, Ledger, announced staking support for Tezos (XTZ). The functionality has been added to the software release Ledger Live.The declaration is published via official blog post on Dec 11,2019.


According to its press release “As we look to continuously improve the Ledger experience, today we’re excited to announce that our latest version of the application, for both desktop and mobile, now supports Tezos (XTZ). With this addition, Ledger Live users can now grow their assets through staking Tezos as well. ”


Ledger Live Adds Support for Tezos and Staking,


The objective of Ledger Live enables users to verify, consistently manage and develop their assets in one single place.


While including support for XTZ creates an additional layer of security for token holders, it is critical that Ledger Live lets users develop their digital assets through staking, which is a way for crypto holders to acquire passive income.



Users would now be able to manage and earn XTZ rewards through Ledger Live, while as yet ensuring top security through their Ledger hardware wallets. Ledger offers users more power over staking: dissimilar on exchanges where users are giving up their privileges to choose who to delegate to, by using Ledger Live you can choose from a wide  list of validators based on your own preferences.


Why stake Tezos assets

  • Delegation
  • Liquidity
  • No risks


Staking Tezos with Ledger Live

  • Step 1-Select the Tezos account you want to delegate in Ledger Live
  • Step 2-Choose your validator (baker) by comparing estimated reward rate
  • Step 3-Verify and confirm delegation information on your Ledger hardware wallet


The combination of Ledger Live and  hardware wallets is a worldwide solution to effectively manage your assets and become your own banker.
news update
news update

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